Biography of Spacio Integral

Spacio Integral Architects is a General Contractor and architecture firm established in the area of Punta Mita, Sayulita and Puerto Vallarta, we design and build Luxury Villas and high-level Residences.

We enjoy challenges and always exceed the expectations of our customers.

Marco Rodriguez is backed up with over 17 years of experience in high-level constructions in Punta Mita, highlighted with the 18 holes golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus, the Four Seasons Hotel and Spa, 14 Hillside FS Villas and 3 Beach Houses.

Our newest luxury villa which exceeded our expectations and our client´s is Villa Maria II, in La Punta Residential in Punta Mita development.

We are convinced that this luxury home design breaks the guidelines and quality made so far in Punta Mita, the handling of materials and design aesthetics in the work, we are proud of this superior quality construction and we believe it is a groundbreaking experience that sets a new standard of design and quality in this type of residence.

Our clients are people who appreciate high quality, sophistication and use of natural materials and design. Our team of proven experience is reflected in the economic benefit of our customers since we project and plan in advance to optimize the decision-making. We always look to interpret and meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, designers and owners.

That is our priority. We look forward to the opportunity to serve and make real the residence that you've dreamed of.



Biografía de Marco Rodríguez

Marco Antonio Rodriguez, a young and visionary architect from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara. His passion for nature led him to move to the city of Puerto Vallarta in 1995, where he has been able to successfully develop his conception of architecture."I like to discover different places but I am aware that there is an constant eternal essence , in every space, which in turn has its own particular beauty as it is unique. I like to reflect this in the Projects that I develop since I treat each client according to the particular need transmitted to me.

I try to assimilate the needs of each client and transfer it to the work, integrating the constant element that makes the projects reflect that creative essence that brings us peace, welfare, comfort and surprise."I am aware that each work has an impact or influence on the person who inhabits it, and my vision as an architect is to make it pleasant and emanate the essence that I find in nature."

In his projects, he succeeds in combining open spaces with a successful sense of light. You can also appreciate the different textures managed through natural materials like stone, adobe stone, marble and chiseled concrete. By including nature with water ponds and large openings that allow the appreciation of green areas to penetrate the interiors.