General Contractor

  • Project Management

    On behalf of its clients, Spacio Integral Architects  coordinates all activities and necessary steps to carry out a project from its initial stage of feasibility analysis, including administrative agencies for licenses and permits, necessary environmental requirements, as well as IMSS (social security agency).

  • Executive Project DefinitionOpen or Close

    -Consulting to define building systems, according to our experience in the area.
    -Advice to define installation systems and special systems.
    -Coordination with engineers and architects to implement the necessary engineering drawings.
    -Advice and support to define materials to be used in the project, available in the country or region.
    -Advice to match project specifications of foreign architects to Mexico.
    -Support to locate specific materials in the country or region.

  • CoordinationOpen or Close

    Review and evaluation of Executive Project to suit the construction zone, detect and correct omissions, errors or non functional solutions that generate an increase in cost and time in carrying out the project.

  • Cost ControlOpen or Close

    -Establish Construction budget.
    -Define Construction flow program.
    -Rescheduling Construction flow during the process of the project.
    -Control of change orders and reports of time and cost log.

  • Implementation of Construction Open or Close

    From start date to final phase. (Including the managing of licenses and permits and the coordination of art and furniture installation)
    - Selection of contractors and employees that meet the construction quality standards.
    -Analysis of Design proposals and work plans on site to make decisions more efficient for a specific project.
    -Establishing proper budget and schedule controls to prevent delays and cost increases by making the necessary changes to control the project.

Design and Construction

  • Design

    We have a team of architects that focus on interpreting the needs of our customers and portray it on the project.
    We are aware that every customer has a particular need, that we integrate by using the constant elements that make the project express the creative essence.

    Furthermore, every project has a particular impact on the people who dwell in it, and our goal as architects is to make this experience unique for each client.