Location: Fraccionamiento Los Tigres, Nuevo Vallarta Nayarit
Terrain: 530.10 m2
Construction: 350.00 m2

Design: Spacio Integral Arquitectos 2015

Project Description:

House lagos is a project thought for the commodity of a retired couple which want to enjoy their days in a house made to fit their dreams and desires. Which will bring them areas with high illumination and views of the gardens that are revealed from the entrance of the house through big windows which integrates them to the interior space.

EL Tigre counts with very specific guidelines for their inclined rooftops which have to be followed by the book. Because of this we tried to integrate typical Puerto Vallarta rooftops, with a modern and functional architecture, incorporating water mirrors both in the entrances and in the posterior area.

All of this to transmit the Creation and eternal essence that can be perceived through Nature, water, gardens, light, and sky.