Location: Fraccionamiento el Palomar Tlajomulco de Zuñiga Jal.
Terrain: 587.78 m2
Construction: 500.00 m2

Design: Spacio Integral Arquitectos 2015-2016

Project Description:

Designed for an entrepreneuring family. Both the parents and sons were looking for a house which was modern with high illumination, and natural ventilation. With wide spaces where they can perform their meetings with friends, and with which they could access the back yard and posterior gardens independently, looking for certain privacy and protection in their meeting moments

Before you access the interior of the house we created an outside lobby made out of the gardens and water mirrors, visually open for the staircase, but completely closed for the garage.

Visually the garage was managed as an exterior area, because of the existent regulation of the housing development you can't place closed fences to the exterior.

This atrium-garden is a welcoming area, once you cross the wall that gives protection and prevents that people outside can't see the interior of the house. Created by double height with cristals from floor to roof, we acquire an integration of the woods of pines and the water mirrors.

In the garden area the existent pine trees of the property are moved to create a little inside woods