San Esteban Tower


Location: Puerto Vallarta Jal.
Terrain: 508.80 m2
Construction: 550.00 m2

Design: Spacio Integral Arquitectos 2015 - 2016

Project Description:

Our first project for condominiums development. San Esteban tower is an apartment tower, the first stage 2B tower has 6 units and the second stage 1A towers counts with 4 units.

For the people who are looking to live in a typical town in front of a mexican plaza near the mountain, with magnificent views. The towers are close to both the beach and PV Centro.

Apartments of 50m2, in front of a typical Mexican plaza, in the San Esteban colony, at the feet of the mountains of Puerto Vallarta at 500 m of the Pitillal river.

Only 4km away from Costco, 5km away from Peninsula Plaza beach access, and 7 km away from PV Center.


.5 km away from the University Instituto Tecnológico de Puerto Vallarta, the CECYTEJ (High School) and the school Fernández de Lizardi.

Access completely paved and easy access from Peninsula PLaza, the costco access, or from Street Revolución in el Pitillal.

The area is a very calm place with low traffic, and only one km away of the mountain skirts of Puerto Vallarta, with a 28 m altitude over the sea level.