Casa Jacarandas


Location: Nuevo Vallarta, Bahia de Banderas Nay.
Construction:  635.00 m2 
Land:  730.00 m2
Design & construction: Spacio Integral Architects


Project Description:
Project designed for a couple looking to retire to enjoy their best years in the paradise of Puerto Vallarta.

The result is a modern beach house with the Public Areas and very spacious living, combining the room-Living-dining room and kitchen, with the Pool Terrace and Garden. Opening a large window that links these two areas.

In the Entry we use a pond and Garden as a prelude or Atrium.

Upon entering the House, incorporate an indoor garden, with double height where the owners, could locate and share the pieces of ancient art they collect.

The use of horizontal roofs blown, also serve on the geometric aesthetic of the Work, Air manages to create a shadow on the large windows and help to comfort each area in combination with ventilation flows created in each area of the house.