Location:   Punta Mita Nayarit
Construction: 1,127.05 m2
Land: 4,170.68 m2

Design: BossArchitects.  (
Interior Design:  Richard Lee interior design

Project Scope: General Contractor

Project Description:
We are very proud of the team collaboration we achieved with Chris, Kevin and Richard, the Architects and Designer of this project, as well as Jerry and Mary, the owners of this spectacular residence, where we had to search and experiment with materials that meet their needs and design standards. Working as a team and always striving to translate their creative ideas into living and energetic design , we exceeded our goals and expectations outlined in the beginning of the project.

Thank you Father for this opportunity (Abba Father) we are ready for the next Challenge.

The Project is located Beach Front, offering spectacular views of the ocean.

Designed with the international modern architecture style influenced by the Mexican Pacific style, in finishes, textures and colors of the materials.

This house is an example of sophisticated beach life, which achieves a combination of beauty, luxury, comfort and interaction with nature.